Life goes on

by holleigh Fri, May 14 2010 13:15

Life goes on. In some small way, we hope it might stop after losing a child. But the sun continues to rise and set, other children continue to grow and prosper, and the circle of life continues. Keeping busy in a Godsend in many ways. It enables us to move forward with the flow of life. We learn to embrace the sadness, and the constant missing becomes an integral part of who we are. Yet somehow in the midst of it all, we catch ourselves smiling again.

So many beautiful moments catch us by surprise; a shared memory of our child, a discovered note he or she once created, a card from someone just letting us know they remember. These little things mean the world to us now. We have been blessed with so many of these moments; and so has the Foundation.

We give special thanks and recognition to those who continue to raise money and awareness of our mission; on their own accord, and in loving memory of Jaiden. Since our inception, we have had people request that their friends and families donate to Jaiden’s Angel in lieu of gifts for weddings (Special thanks to Scott & Janine Bilodeau), birthdays, and in Memory of Loved ones. We have also had groups run fundraising efforts on our behalf; such as the Milford Middle School 7th Grade Quilt Club, who have presented a sizable check to the Foundation 2 years in a row (totaling over $1500), and St. John Neumann Catholic Community in Merrimack, NH; whose students hosted a Penguin Walk that raised over $1000 this past winter.

These incredible people have been touched by Jaiden’s life, and this is the most meaningful gift there is. Thank you for your continued support:

Thank you to our neighbors, Kim & Kenny Calden and their friend Sherrill Erickson; Sherrill hosted a sippy cup tournament that raised $300.

Thank you to Christopher & Pamela Robinson, who hosted a Pampered Chef Holiday party that raised nearly $200.

St John Neumann Church, Sara Carson, Devan Casey, Colin Dodge, Tyler Howard, Joey Karlon, Daniel Passen, Samara Spence, Brandon Zamary, Susan Spence, Chris Howard,

In Memory of Gage Lafontaine: Cheryl & Leo Gaudette, Brian & Tammie Paquette

In Memory of Madelyn Sullivan: Stuart & Pamela Rosenthal, John & Mary Laub

In Memory of Mimi Mammolla: Stavroula & Sotirios Kourtis

In Memory of Edith Schneider:  Marsha Barnard, Joseph Houlihan, James & Barbara Cassin, Helen & Raymond Barnard, Scott & Ruth Watkins, Working Women of Rossmoor

In Memory of my Aunt Elizabeth Provasoli: Dr. Michael & Nancy Quinn

In recognition of Greg Kay’s 40th Birthday: Greg & Paula Kay, Catherine & Kevin McNiff, Paul & Helen Stanley, Monica & Greg Reid, Joanne Callahan, Richard & Diane Tlapa, Hanora E. Donovan, Elaine & Thomas McDonough, Carol & Roger Bergenheim

In recognition of Mia Florio’s Birthday: Candice Florio, Robyn & Michael Beisang, Cynthia Hodgdon, William & Jennifer Wagaman, Carol Bergen, Ellen Catenacci

Milford United Methodist Church Holiday Fair ~ thank you for the generous proceeds gift from your Christmas fair.

Personal donations: Michael O’Melia, John & Judith Foss, John & Laura Bishop, Joe Daddario (special thanks for all the incredible sports memorabilia for our auctions), Members of Compassionate Friends, The Milford Wellness Committee, The SVBGC for their Angel Auction last December

Our Board of Directors has created an official Application for Assistance. This document is available in PDF form on our website. We encourage those who know of a family in need to forward this application to them.

Our 3rd Annual Jaiden’s Angel Golf Tournament is fast approaching. It will be held on Wednesday, September 22, 2010, at the beautiful Stonebridge Country Club in Goffstown, NH. We are in need of corporate sponsors, volunteers, 100+ golfers, raffle and silent auction donations. Please consider supporting this event, as it is our only annual fundraiser for 2010. For more info visit this link:



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